Aqua Chemicals Product Information

From commercial to general and sundry applications
We will cooperate with you in developing products customized to your desired performance

Cosmetics and chemical products using biomass

We are developing SDG-conscious products by changing some of our raw materials to biomass. Raw materials for existing products can also be replaced with biomass.

UV/LED Resin Solution

Our resin is suitable for three-dimensional modeling such as large silicone molds because our proprietary technology prevents warping and distortion.
It also does not become muddy when mixed with parts or coloring agents, allowing for the expression you desire.

Oligomers for gel nail polish with cosmetic registration

We procure and manufacture safe and high quality raw materials from various routes.
Aqua Chemical Co., Ltd. is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics. We can also apply for cosmetics approval on your behalf if necessary.

Disinfectant solution

We are committed to delivering safety and peace of mind to our customers, which is why we use only the finest raw materials, all produced in our own factories in Japan.
Our disinfectants are “high quality” to protect your hands from various viruses.