Development and manufacturing according to your request

What is OEM/ODM?

About OEM/ODM of cosmetics.

At AQUA CHEMICAL, we are committed to realizing our customers’ ideals.
We will assist you in manufacturing your products.

About OEM

The design is based on the customer’s proposal.
The manufacturing of products.

About ODM

We will respond to the customer’s request.
This is an integrated process from planning design proposals to product manufacturing.

Flow of Transaction

  1. STEP1

    Contact Us

    Please feel free to tell us about your needs by visiting us, coming to our office, calling us, or filling out our contact form.
    Click here for the form to contact us.

  2. STEP2

    Planning and meeting

    We listen carefully to the customer’s wishes and take shape of the customer’s image of the product.
    Based on the content of the meeting, we will develop a concept, product, raw material selection, sales strategy, etc. that meets the customer’s needs. Based on our past know-how and commercial materials, we will make proposals for the creation of unique, high-value-added products.

  3. STEP3

    Sample preparation and quality check

    Based on our accumulated formulation data, market trends, and customer wishes as discussed in the product planning process, we will develop a product that will meet the needs of our customers.
    We select raw materials and active ingredients to be used and develop formulas to meet customers’ needs.
    We will check the usability of the prototype and adjust the formulation and measures until the customer is satisfied with the results.

  4. STEP4

    Request for Quotation

    Once product specifications are determined, we will prepare a formal quotation.
    At that time, we will confirm the number of items to be manufactured, delivery date, etc.

  5. STEP5

    Contracts and Orders

    Once we receive a formal contract and order, we will prepare raw materials for production.

  6. STEP6


    Production is carried out under through prodct control and quality control.
    If necessary, we also perform filling and labeling.

  7. STEP7

    Delivery of goods

    Only products that have passed the strict checks of our quality control team
    We deliver to the location specified by costomer

  8. STEP8


    We don’t just “make it” and call it a day.
    We provide a wide range of assistance, including new product development and lineup expansion.